This CD contains all the relevant material to enable you to identify your BSA accurately and register it with the DVLA.

Throughout the CD clicking onto the plug will take you to the specified place or return you back to here. You can also use the back button on your browser.  The data books has navigation features on the contents page to allow you to go direct to the desired page and each page has a return button to return to the contents page.


What is it?   The first page contains a simple guide to finding the engine and frame number and contains a simple guide to the BSA numbering sequence plus details of any extra numbers or letters which were added by the factory. Following on from that is an introduction page where you can click onto the decade of your machine if known. The year on year engine and frame number listing is provided to enable you to date which season your machine was made. Where the machine has had an engine change it is the frame number which identifies the year. This is as accurate as possible but new information is coming to light all the time.
What are the distinguishing features of the post war models?   It contains a simple guide to the recognition points of each model and when the changes were made.
Do the Registration Records still exist and how do I go about getting it registered?   Then there is information on how to get your machine registered under its old registration or with an age related registration
What is the specification from the Databooks?   The databooks typically have details of engine specification, gear ratios, lubrication, petrol tank and oil tank capacities, timing, carburation, tyres, brakes and weight etc.
What was the catalogue entry for the machine?   The catalogues are included from 1945 to give an idea what the model looked like. Remember that these catalogues were produced in advance of the models so detail differences did appear. They are for the home market models only.
What was the original finish?   Finally the CD contains details of finishes of post-war machines. This is only for home models and not for export models as they were different especially those going to the American market. Finishing with a complete listing of the finish codes.

BSAOC 2000