BSA Bantam B175 - Restore To Running Condition.

Tuesday 6th September 2016

Spoke to Nick Bramley - Rusty Rooster garage, and a rebuild of the B175 crank will cost a very resonable 175GBP. I spent the evening down the garage, struggled to get a new primary chain fitted on the B175, but did it eventually. I then did a dry fit of the Bones Cdi to the B175. 

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Monday 5th September 2016 

Purchased a primary chain from Rex caunt. Expected later this week. 

Sunday 4th September 2016

Below is a video showing a brief assesment of the engine, and the work ahead.


Wednesday 24th August 2016


Fitted new small end bearing then matt and I fitted the barel, and head onto the engine in the B175. used an M8 threaded bar to pull the old small end out. Needed Matts help to drop the barel onto the piston. 

started to look at the electrical ancilliary items, brake light switch, and horn switch. I then adjusted the chain on the Sprint. Ready for Germany. 

b175 head

Tuesday 23rd August 

Attempted to remove the small end bearing, TBH the heat was in the very high twenties, and I was losing light. I'm hoping to have another go this evening. 

Saturday 19th August - B175 Update. 

The B175 parts have arrived, and I used the engine bolts to fit the engine into the frame. removed the alternator side, and confirmed the nut is good. I will pop the bike onto the lift on Sunday, time permitting and take a close look, but will be ordering a bones cdi to the bike. I did try and remove the clutch side but whilst it moved enough to leak oil it wouldnt shift. I will take a look later this weekend. Removed the headlight to see the remnants of the loom, and the two switches. I will be making my own loom for this bike once the bones unit is fitted. I am guessing but it'll be a couple of weeks to get here from Australia.

Early August 2016

Having just about completed the restoration of the D7 ( black betty ) I decided to purchase a B175 engine from an advert. I paid £300 for what I thought was a complete engine, only to discover the head and the barel were from a much earlier Bantam. Fortunately Mick Anderson had a very good condition barel and head for sale for £190. 

As I collected the top end from Mick I saw a B175 rolling chasis with a V5, so I bought this for £650. Although costs were starting to climb I became determined to restore this last ever bantam over the winter of 2016 and the spring of 2017. I am keeping this bike as an oiy rag rolling restoration, with the hope that I can return it to a similar condition as black betty over the coming years. 

Daniel and I collected the bike from Micks, and the gallery below shows the bike as collected. This page, along with the blog page will catalogue returning the B175 back to MoT condition.