Installing Electrex World Electronic Ignition - Day 1.

My Newly Aquired 1958 BSA C15 Motorcycle.

IMG 5792

Background: Rolling restoration - recommision to get this motorcycle back onto the road. Like all my BSA's I will be fitting 12v electronic ignition. This page shows the transformation of this motorcycle.


6th Feb 2018 - Removal of 6v wiring.

Started to remove the old 6v components from the main loom. Previous owner had recently re-wired and put a new loom into the motorcycle. However the desire for electronic ignition meant all the old components had to be removed. 

I drained the oil a few days before today, and ordered new gaskets. I have learnt that one cannot take enough photos pre stripping anything down. I thought it might be worth shooting video, should I ever want to remove the CDi unit.  This process took around half an hour. I removed the ignition lock, as I wish to replace this with a modern unit. Fortunately the hole will take a modern lock. 

Day 1 - removal of electrical components -Several short videos, followed be a photo Gallery. Installation was prevented by the primary chain tensioner missing. I have ordered a new one today.

Reference Video - Showing Original Items removed.

Here's a useful link for researching the fitting of the Electrex. An excellent example of finding TDC on the C15 example.