My 3rd Bantam - 2nd D7


A brief overview. Having bought several engines, and parts I realised that all I needed to complete a third Bantam rebuild was time and about £100 pounds of second hand parts. With the many parts I already have lying around in the Garage. Below is a brief story of returning a 196* D7 single switch back to the road, and being registered. 

This is my third bantam, and is an early 1960's D7 Battery, single switch. It'll be road regsitered post it's first MoT in 2017. It's being restored to mechanical condition to sell, monies raised will go toward repainting my B175. 

To successfully register the bike, you need the BSA Bantam Club or similar authority to be able to produce a dating certificate. These are usually frame based. A quick email to the BSA Bantam Club with the frame number ( I am a member and local rep for Cambridge and Rutland) led to the following response.

May to today - Jan 2018

The purchase of a B175, did unfortunately mean that this bike takes a back seat. I have had a Frame based MoT carried out. I ( Jan 2018) am challenged in getting this bike finished. It is proving a very useful learning curve for Black Betty.

May 2016 

for detailed reports on progress see the April / May 2017 Blog entries. Bike has an MoT although refuses to rev. Suspect that the crank pin has rotated. Bones has sent a detailed instruction sheet. I'll take a look this week. The Gallery below captures the progress quite well. Including the MoT.

April 2016

Friday 14th April 2017

Well I had deciced that this was the day to move the D7no.3 out of the hallway, and put wheels on, to allow it to become a rolling restoration. As I attached the front wheel, the workmate turned over. Fortunately I managed to attach the wheels. After some struggling I got the bike onto the workbench. Over the coming weeks I'll slowly do the jobs needed to sort it out and get it running. Hopefully get it sorted to sell at the height of this summer.

Feb 2016

Due to illness it has meant I am off work for a month, in that time I have made a dolly and the frame is in the hall and I am making a loom for D7 - assuming it has a Bones Cdi fitted.  Photos below show work and some for recording my "discoveries" over the past month.


23rd November 2016

Rebuilding the engine has started in my office. 

web only Rebuild 20161123 222154



 The D7 196* engine that will be used in the frame that's presently hanging in my garage. 


And the frame, and associated tinwork. I am using running gear and parts to complete the build, many have come from my other two bantams. One 1966 D7, and a 69 B175

bantam frame 2 in garage