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C15 - oil change at 645 miles - black faced speedo. 6th May 2019

Podtronic installation T140 - check 2 or three phase 

1. Disconnect the ground wire from your battery.  Observe if your system is positive or negative ground.

2. Locate and remove the zener diode. You will no longer need it. (Hint: it's usually gold colored)

3. Locate and remove the old rectifier. You will no longer need it either. (Hint: it's black and has three fins)

4. There should be three wires connected to the old rectifier. The Green/White and Green/Yellow go to the alternator stator.   The "hot" wire is usually Brown/White.  This goes to the hot side of the battery.

5. Mount the power module in an area with free air circulation (i.e, do not mount inside enclosed box, etc.). Note- The PODtronics case is electrically isolated and does not have to be grounded.

6. Connect the Green/White wire to one of the two Yellow wires and the Green/Yellow to the other Yellow wire coming out of the PODtronics power module.

7. If your system is positive earth, connect the PODtronics Red wire to ground and the PODtronics Black wire to the battries negaive terminal.

8. If your system is negative earth, connect the PODtronics Black wire to ground and the Red wire to the batteries positive terminal.
(Note- Be sure you have the polarity correct, otherwise you can damage the regulator)

9. Now that you are sure everything is connected correctly, re-connect the ground wire to battery.

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